Strange Brushes

I created a simplified version of my generative art program, which I call "Strange Brushes", that (almost*) anyone can use.  
Click here to try it out.

Here's what it looks like after you've evolved for a couple of generations:
If you come up with an image you like, please do post a link to it in the comments. 
*I've only tested this on the latest Chrome, Safari and FireFox OSX versions.  Sorry if you use IE but I don't have the time or inclination to make it work there.

Artificial Selection

From Hacker News via Andrew Hudson: This Artificial selection in the lab page describes an experiment with real live evolving visual patterns, analogous to what I do here but with pigments on guppies instead of pixels on a screen.

Artificial Selection or Unnatural Selection might have been a better name for this blog :)

Cloud Control

Three descendants of Roller Rink Robotic Thumbprint.

Potted Plant


Tears of Anger Never Put Out a Fire


A Smile on a Dog

Getting more interesting shapes now that I have Perlin noise working.

Greenwashing the Breast of Moloch